Nominating has now concluded.

Dear Patient,

Have you been cared for well in any Public Health Facility?
Are there any exceptional individuals in Public Health out there?

We want to unearth the hidden gems in our Public Healthcare System, to recognise them and help them flourish, and in turn, we shall improve the health care system for the benefit of all patients.

As a patient, apart from being diagnosed and treated correctly, we also need to feel respected and cared for by the professionals, not just another statistic with a disease.

Be they doctors, nurses, lab technicians, receptionists, security guards, or even janitors, help us reward them by nominating them for being outstanding examples of care and compassion. We will put together any and all examples that come our way, and they will be put forward to a panel of experts who will investigate and choose a winner for 2014; Kenya’s year of jubilee!

If you have been treated well please provide us with the following.

Nominees Full Name
Occupation of the nominee

Name of Institution the nominee works at.
Reason for nominating the individual.
Your Full name and your Location

Email:  nominate@basa.morrismosesfoundation

Boresha Afya Star Awards night

This year our conference is going to be bigger and better. With the introduction of the Boresha Afya Star Awards for best patient centered care.

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