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“We are a patient’s rights organisation based in Nairobi, Our vision is the realisation of quality healthcare for all Kenyans regardless of their socio-economic status. Our work is to agitate for change in the public health sector through a number of public private partnerships revolving around advocacy, capacity building and access.”

the Art of
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First Steps

Silent No More

Silent No More- long


It all started with the silent no more campaign.

Where citizens took it upon themselves to speak out on behalf of the patient. It is still a very active part of what we do and anyone can take part. All you have to do is arm yourself with the Patient rights charter and speak out.  Patients now have rights in Kenya!

See below for some History from our founder Alice Mwongera in an interview recorded in February 2011 with host Jeff Koinange.
As you look back we are going forward. Have a look around our website to see what we are up to and perhaps how you could get involved.

In the Media

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Partner with us


We are all better off working together! Over the years we have had a number of organisations come alongside us for various campaigns and projects. We thank you all for your part in the “mmf” story. If you would like to partner with us, whether yourself personally or your organisation we welcome your participation.

Join our facebook page or contact us direct.

News Feed

Some of our Projects

Tigoni hand wash campaign with Griffin's hospital team and Planetree​


The theme for the hand wash campaign was
Meaning ” Have you washed your hands?

This was mooted to get care providers to wash or sanitise their hands after attending to one patient before moving to another.

Patient Centred Care training Kiambu County
This was a 4-day training  ( September 2016 ) that brought together doctors, nurses,clinical officers and the administrative staff of different facilities within Kiambu county. The purpose of the training was to equip the caregivers with tools necessary to implement Patient-centred care in their institutions.
The trainers included Dr Haq Nawaz of Griffin Hospital Connecticut USA, Tracy Walsh of Planetree and Alice Mwongera of Morris Moses Foundation.

The training was hosted at KMTC Kiambu by Rosalind Murugami , Assistant director of nursing for Kiambu county under the leadership of  Dr. Toro,  Director of Health Kiambu county.

Hospital Partnerships


One of the activities which began in 2014 was to broker partnerships between public hospitals in Kenya and hospitals abroad. This creates a platform where our hospitals can receive technical support and also have the opportunity to exchange ideas in different areas of health care.

After many months of dialogue, Morris Moses Foundation, courtesy of Planetree and WHO, has been able to secure a partnership between Tigoni District Hospital and Griffins Hospital in Connecticut, USA. In the month of March, a team from Griffins Hospital and a representative from Planetree will be visiting Tigoni in order to understand the different challenges they face and the scope of what is needed to bridge the gaps.

Currently, Morris Moses is in talks with other hospitals and we hope to be able to sign more partnerships.

Boresha Afya Star Awards

In 2014 we launched the very first Boresha Afya Star Awards, BASA.

Our focus was to recognise health care workers who stood out despite the different challenges they face. We gave the patients the opportunity to give us feedback and help us recognise anyone they felt went beyond the call of duty to make their experience in a hospital a better one.

Based on the information we got, we managed to acknowledge the efforts of a number of individuals in different counties.
Some of the counties represented include Nairobi, Narok, Marsabit and Kiambu.

Dr. Lusweti of Thika level 5, who was one of the most voted stars, was part of the team that accompanied Alice to the annual Planetree conference in Chicago where Alice was a speaker on rewarding excellence.

The team also had an opportunity to interact with medics from different parts of the world where Patient Centred care is being practised as well as visit a few hospitals that have been able to perfect Patient centred care.

We hope to be able to have even more medics attending the next conference.



Achievements in 2014

Boresha Afya Star Awards This year, we launched the very first Boresha Afya Star Awards, BASA. Our focus was


Introduction to BASA

BASAwards will be taking place on the 29th of Aug. The voting will however commence on the 1st week of June. So if you have a doctor, nurse, medical officer, pharmacist or even a watchman you have come across in a hospital who stood out in how they treated you, then this is your chance to recognize them for their good job by nominating them for an award.


Patient Rights Dissemination Forum- Nyeri

On 4th Oct 2013, the first ever patient rights charter was launched in Kenya. This document consists of the rights and responsibilities of the patient as well as dispute resolution mechanisms.


Dying Person’s Bill of Rights

Dying Person’s Bill of Rights
I have the right to…

Be treated as a living human until I die.
Maintain a sense of hopefulness, however changing its focus may be.
Be cared for by those who can maintain a sense of hopefulness, however challenging this may be….