Introduction to BASA

For the last few years, Morris Moses Foundation has held what is known as the Boresha Afya Night, which is an evening where citizens, the corporates, doctors and other medical stakeholders come together to discuss matters affecting the health sector.
It was first held in 2011 as a way to sensitize the upper and middle class Kenyans on health matters especially those of the public sector.
This year we have decided to kick it up a notch and instead of just having a dinner, we are going to be launching an award for caregivers in different positions as voted by the people. This award is known as Boresha Afya Star Award or BASA for short.
As much as we have been pointing out the ills in the public health sector and punishing caregivers, we also want to recognize and award those who have gone beyond the call of duty despite the conditions they may be working in.
BASAwards will be taking place on the 29th of Aug at a venue yet to be confirmed. The voting will however commence on the 1st week of June. So if you have a doctor, nurse, medical officer, pharmacist or even a watchman you have come across in a hospital who stood out in how they treated you, then this is your chance to recognize them for their good job by nominating them for an award. More details and the voting process are to follow.

Basa Vote

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