Uplifting Charity Concert with a Beat!

Uplifting Charity Concert with a Beat!

Hundreds came and cheered at the first Tumaini Wings of Hope Charity Concert on Sunday 28 October.  Mamlaka Hill Chapel was alive with the rhythm, songs and sounds from around the world, as many different artists from around the world entertained for a good cause.  82 people from Toccata Music Productions UK, including artists who work on the West End (the UK version of Broadway), came to Kenya to support Morris Moses Foundation.  Alongside the orchestra, soloist and choir from the UK, the Boys Choir of Kenya and the Good Samaritan Children’s Home Choir gave rousing performances.

So why did this all happen?  Dr. Sunil, the leader from Toccata Music Productions and a doctor in Belfast Hospital, explained how the group is motivated to help others.  After hearing about the Morris Moses Foundation cause, they want to support by donating medical equipment, and visiting for the concerts and to understand more.  Now here, he reported how the group has felt so welcomed, and how they really support the causes of Morris Moses Foundation and the Good Samaritan’s Children’s Home.  They have visited public hospitals in Nairobi to see the conditions, and as many of the group come from a medical background, understand how care can be improved in Kenya so that all have a positive patient experience.  The container of donated medical equipment for Kenyan public Hopsitals is currently in Mombasa and is planned to arrive soon in Nairobi.

As well as those performing, there were many thanks to others who have supported, such as Kenya Airways for heavily discounting tickets to enable the group to come, to DHL UK for shipping the medical equipment to Nairobi for free, to KRA for waiving approximately 2million Ksh of taxes on the medical equipment and to the ongoing support from the Ministry of Medical Services.

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