Regional Patient Solidarity Day

Regional Patient Solidarity Day

October 30th 2013

Today 10 African countries will commemorate Patient Solidarity Day #PSD2013 . The day mooted in 2011 by Morris Moses Foundation a patient rights organization based in Nairobi Kenya, is now going regional thanks to a working relationship with  the International Patients Rights Organisation ( Iapo).


In 2011 during the infamous Doctors strike in Kenya, Morris Moses Foundation in an effort to assist hundreds of patients who were held up in hospitals due to the strike, mobilised citizens to volunteer in hospitals, visit them and make them feel they are loved regardless of absence of doctors. MMF went a step further to pay for bills to needy patients and buy goodies.

 Thus PSD is not just an event that involves dancing and speeches, but it is a day to make all patients regardless of illness or disease feel loved.This day should be marked by coming up with solutions to improve the health care systems, increased involvement of patients in health and improved access to compassionate,quality health care.

Take time today today to visit a patient and wish them well, buy a ‘Get well soon’ card and give it to a patient and Lobby for an increase in budgets for the health sector.

Patient Solidarity Day in December

This year we will still celebrate Patient Solidarity Day in Kenya in its traditional time around the second Saturday of December.
We believe that this time is better suited as patients are often forgotten during the Christmas celebrations.
Stay tuned for further details.


We hope to work with our partners in Africa to set this December date as the standard.

Morris Moses Foundation