Partner with us

Partner with us

Are you an  NGO or a Company with a shared interest in this field, then we would like to connect with you to explore ways of strengthening a network that can push for health care reform in Kenya with the patient at the centre.

Are you an individual that has a skill or spare time to donate to this cause. As our work begins to grow we will need volunteers and interns to help us out.

We have big dreams and visions, all of us here at the moment are unpaid volunteers, we operate out of a small office in a garage or our homes, with very little funds from day to day. Mostly when money comes in it gets allocated immediately to a project or cause.We rely on our interns and volunteers.

We want to grow to the point where we can meet our aspirations and believe me when you follow Alice around, they are many and big.

We would love to be able to have a paid staff, equipment/office and a team that can go out and do training in Kenya. These are just some of the things that unfortunately we are restricted in doing due to financial constraints.

With your help we can get there.

Morris Moses Foundation