Your Rights

Morris Moses Foundation has been at the forefront of patients rights in Kenya.

Kenya’s first Patient Rights Charter has now been launched.

Know your rights as a patient.

Kenya’s Patients Rights Charter

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Jennifer is a development worker who holds a strong belief that this is the century for Africa’s comeback. She is passionate on building the capacity of communities to be able to solve their own problems. She holds a  bachelors degree in social work, sociology and communication from University of Nairobi and is a pursuing a Masters  in child development from Daystar University.

Jennifer has over 10 years experience working in development work. Having worked as an OVC technical advisor to the Malawi government, consultant in several organization in Kenya and Malawi,including Oxfam-Malawi,WACRA-Malawi and Guestings Education trust.

Jennifer is a member of SHOPS -Africa an advocacy group that seeks to strengthening health systems.

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