Our main objective at the Morris Moses Foundation,  is the introduction and adoption of a
Patient Centered Care Approach to Health Care.
We run various programs in order to achieve this goal.

Save the Cradle

Is a campaign that was begun with the aim to refurbish Pumwani Maternity Hospital, some work such as painting a section of the hospital and an unsuccessful attempt to repair the borehole have already been done.  However sadly the campaign is on hold as it has  not been given the green light


Adopt a Nurse

we are sorry. content has not been uploaded here yet.
If you wish to know more about the state of this initiative, please contact us.


Patient Satisfactory Index System

This is a technology that uses mobile phone and internet

to get feed from patient about there experience in a health facility. The information is also fed

into the government health sector system and partner organization. This system is used to sho

gaps and achievement in the health sector from


Boresha Afya Star Awards

This an annual award that seeks to recognise individuals and

institutions that have worked towards the implementation of patient centered care and have

been identified by patients and member of the community for their work.


Boresha Afya Night

This an annual dinner which is held in Nairobi, where all of Morris Moses partners can attend to receive n update on the work of the foundation.


Patient Solidarity Day

This is an annual event where people come together in solidarity

with patient, in 2013/2014 IAPO African members have come to make it a regional

event. MMF hopes that WHO will take it and make it an international event.


Medicine as a Vocation

, this an activity that targets students at high school and university

level sensitizing them on the need to take medicine as a vocation and not just a form of

earning income.In 2013/2014 MMF has targeted 10,000 students from 4 counties namely

Nairobi, Machakos, Nakuru and Kisumu.MMF will organize one


Silent no More

This is MMF campaign platform, where MMf holds open days to sensitize

community members on patient rights,In 2013/2014, we will hold 10 silent no more campaigns

in 10 counties of Machakos,Nairobi,Mombasa,Nakuru,Kisumu,Nyeri,Embu,Narok,


Bill payment

Bill payment bi annually we will partner with corporates and individuals to pay bills for

patients who are not able to pay the bills for themselves.


Specialised care

MMF recognises that there are some members of the community who

are ailing with some rare conditions but can not afford specialized care.We will establish an endowment fund where we will take this special cases for treatment. In cases where it will be
cheaper to bring the specialist we


Medical Camps

We will facilitate the holding of regular medical camps through our partners in marginalised parts of Kenya, with the aim of taking health services to areas where people can not access the services.


Morris Moses Foundation

“We are a patient's rights organisation based in Nairobi, Our vision is the realization of quality healthcare for all Kenyans regardless of their socio-economic status. Our work is to agitate for change in the public health sector through a number of public private partnerships revolving around advocacy, capacity building and