Patient Centred Care

“We are a patient’s rights organisation based in Nairobi, Our vision is the realisation of quality healthcare for all Kenyans regardless of their socio-economic status. Our work is to agitate for change in the public health sector through a number of public private partnerships revolving around advocacy, capacity building and access.”

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First steps

Silent No More

Silent No More- long

It all started with the silent no more campaign.

Where citizens took it upon themselves to speak out on behalf of the patient. It is still a very active part of what we do and anyone can take part. All you have to do is arm yourself with the Patient rights charter and speak out.  Patients now have rights in Kenya!

See below for some History from our founder Alice Mwongera in an interview recorded in February 2011 with host Jeff Koinange.
As you look back we are going forward. Have a look around our website to see what we are up to and perhaps how you could get involved.

Partner with us


We are all better off working together! Over the years we have had a number of organisations come alongside us for various campaigns and projects. We thank you all for your part in the “mmf” story. If you would like to partner with us, whether yourself personally or your organisation we welcome your participation.

Join our facebook page or contact us direct.

In the News

Some of our projects

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Morris Moses Foundation
Morris Moses Foundation
TODAY and TOMORROW there is still one more day, ends on the 7th Feb.
Free surgery for anyone with a cleft lip or cleft palate.
Morris Moses Foundation
Morris Moses Foundation
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Why are people so cruel? Why is it that people who are supposed to provide peace of mind bring about depression? Can't we just make healthcare about the patient? Very sad
Morris Moses Foundation
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This is unacceptable!!!
The lady is in her periods, at least allow her to change the sanitary pads.
She is not a terrorist!!!
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Human rights violations are not welcome!!
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Join the PSD2019 movement

Join patient advocates from around the globe on PSD2019 in calling for our leaders to go beyond promises and implement action for acceleration of progress for safe patient-centred universal health coverage to build a healthier world for all!

Get involved by:
1. Mobilising your network ahead of Friday 6th December
Make sure your contacts know about Patient Solidarity Day. Send them a quick message on what the campaign is about. Highlight the theme and the commitments made as well why and how its important that they show their solidarity with patients around the world in holding our leaders accountable.

2 . Write to your president / prime minister/ urging them to ensure successful implementation of commitments made - use the letter template here
This is a great opportunity to directly engage with leaders for the implementation of the commitments made for acceleration of progress for safe patient-centred universal health coverage. Leaders are more likely to respond if you personalise your letter so you might also like to include your own thoughts or experiences in delivery process of safe and patient-centred UHC (if you have any) and why you think this campaign is important.
Don’t forget to tell us who you have written to – email us at

3. Spread the word by posting PSD social media messages on Facebook and Twitter
Access the social media posts here and remember to use the hashtag #PSD2019 with your posts.
Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and join the buzz on social media using #PSD2019

4. Take part in our PSD2019 interview series
For PSD2019, we want to highlight our members and partners experiences in the delivery process of a safe and patient-centred universal health coverage. We want to know what kind of policies countries focusing their efforts on accelerating progress for a safe patient centred universal health coverage have put in place but also how you are contributing to achieving universal health coverage. If you are interested in taking part, let us know and we will explore this further with you.

5. Share your plans
Keep us informed about how you will support the Day so that we can add your activity to our global list of activities and your logo on our supporters wall on our website. If you are still looking for inspiration, there is still time. Visit our website where you'll find a range of ideas to help you mark the Day with us on Friday 6th December.

Help be the change!
Patient Solidarity Day
Morris Moses Foundation
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We all have a critical role to play in ensuring that our leaders are held accountable to their promises and that their words translate to action. The first step is knowing exactly what leaders committed to during the the World Health Assembly and United Nations High Level Meeting.
For #PSD2019,we invite you to review the two documents here: