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“We are a patient’s rights organisation based in Nairobi, Our vision is the realisation of quality healthcare for all Kenyans regardless of their socio-economic status. Our work is to agitate for change in the public health sector through a number of public private partnerships revolving around advocacy, capacity building and access.”

the Art of
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First steps

Silent No More

Silent No More- long

It all started with the silent no more campaign.

Where citizens took it upon themselves to speak out on behalf of the patient. It is still a very active part of what we do and anyone can take part. All you have to do is arm yourself with the Patient rights charter and speak out.  Patients now have rights in Kenya!

See below for some History from our founder Alice Mwongera in an interview recorded in February 2011 with host Jeff Koinange.
As you look back we are going forward. Have a look around our website to see what we are up to and perhaps how you could get involved.

Some of our projects

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We are all better off working together! Over the years we have had a number of organisations come alongside us for various campaigns and projects. We thank you all for your part in the “mmf” story. If you would like to partner with us, whether yourself personally or your organisation we welcome your participation.

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Morris Moses Foundation
Morris Moses Foundation1 month ago
Comments please.
Let's speak out people. "Silent no more"
Morris Moses Foundation
Morris Moses Foundation8 months ago
Betty Kasyoka, the Gatundu level 4 hospital Nursing Manager and a Key Patient Centered care/ hand wash champion. Keep it up Betty!
Morris Moses Foundation
Morris Moses Foundation8 months ago
Another successful Patient Centred Care Training recently completed in Kiambu County, Kenya with Planetree
Morris Moses Foundation
Morris Moses Foundation1 year ago
Let's celebrate all the hardworking public healthcare workers who put in an extra shift over the last few months.
Morris Moses Foundation
Morris Moses Foundation1 year ago
53 Days and counting. When will the Madness End?
Morris Moses Foundation
Morris Moses Foundation added 8 photos and 2 videos — with Naserian Alice.1 year ago
Alice is currently attending a Tearfund training seminar in Dublin, Ireland put on for the winners of inspired individual awards from across the world. A number of Kenyans from #mamlakahillchapel and Nairobi together with brothers and sisters from Rwanda, Burundi and Brazil amongst many.